Pulaski Contry Democrat

Through education and volunteer work we bring people together. Our team of experts is always carefully devising projects that are implementing all the values of the neighborhood.

What Can We Do For You?

Youth Programs


Our “Youth Programs” is intended for all young people who are interested in finding the tools they need for better participation in their community, which helps their neighborhoods to progress.

Implementation Programs


“Programs of Implementation” are focused on minority strata of society. Numerous discussions and debates are giving them tools that help them fight against stigma and prejudice in the form of education.

Special Projects


Our “Special Projects” are intended for educational institutions such as primary and secondary schools. We provide additional education for the youth in terms of nutrition, sports, as well as a healthier mental life.

Society Today?

There are a lot of factors influencing our society today. Technology, as one of the biggest influences on our lives, does it in a way we never dreamt of. It divides us and brings us together through social media, making the world our global village. Our goal is to make technology work for society, to bring people together and make their communities stronger.


Our Events

We organized various amount of events across the whole country, here are some of the best we picked out for you

2016 Educational Programs

Education and Volunteering

Fundraising Events

Our Goals


We at pulaskicountydemocrat.com are oriented towards current social issues such as poverty, healthy living, sport, and education. Our mission is making the world a better place, starting from our community. Our programs are focusing public attention on young people, their needs, and roles in communities, as well as on other people in need.


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