7 cool and 7 even more awesome ways to make neighbors into friends


There are many ways every person can positively affect other people in their neighborhood, and their community as a whole. Here is a list of 14 fun ideas that people can use to improve their areas and strengthen the bond with their neighbors. This can help in creating a foundation for neighbors and friends to solve problems in communities and seize opportunities.

Fun events for people to get to know each other

  1. post2aYou can organize any number of community events such as a „bake-off“, various exhibits of things that people in your neighborhood collect, or game days for children and their parents.
  2. You can make concerts in a neighborhood park, and even combine socializing and cause by raising money for charities.
  3. You and your neighborhood friends can sponsor holiday celebrations.
  4. With a goal to help working parents in balancing career and family, you can organize mom’s or dad’s bowling/night outs/movies/or anything else. Together, the remaining parents can take all of the children to a picnic for their own party time.
  5. Put a table and chairs in front of your house for you and your friends to rest. Invite neighbors that pass by for a drink. In no time people will be coming with food, drinks, and different stories.Hang swings from your porch so your and other children can come and play.
  6. Instead of narrow walls or fences that close neighbors out, build half-walls wide enough to function as a seat.
  7. Instaling new doors in fences between neighborhood yards helps in emergencies but also strengthen trust, friendships, and community as a whole.

post2bDoing community work together

  1. Teenagers can organize themselves or under an experienced adult to make a web page for your town. The site can have all the working hours of important places in the city, ads, and description of all the places where people like to hang out.
  2. There can also be a list of projects that people in the community did together and list of all the future ideas with an invite for anyone to join. People will be interested in participating in something that is making their world a better place.
  3. Make a volunteer network where people will help each other with repairing their homes, whether it is about fixing appliances or backyard work.
  4. In assistance with your town and your community to plant trees where needed. Neighbours can plant their own trees with their children or the elderly, and go back to see the fruits of their labor.
  5. Also, you can make a communal area, in order to use up unused spaces. These spaces could be used to create gardens. The job itself will be fun and productive in making bonds with people from the community.
  6. You can also make your own playground if there is none in your town.
  7. Hang swings from your porch so your and other children can come and play.

Benefits of sports to special needs kids


For children with developmental challenges, letting them be part of the decision-making process when picking the right sport is important. It will make them feel more in control, therefore the child will be more comfortable, more interested, and not just goal but also fun oriented in making important bounds, healthy living, and values they will learn through the gameplay of their choosing. It will also promote a sense of independence, and make it easier for them to make important connections with their peers. They will learn how to be part of a group, how to function in a team, all in a pleasant way. These positive traits will make the children more successful in their later careers.

Having a good time

post1aFor any child, the primary purpose of participating in any activity is to have fun. But some types of sports can also affect their motor skills such as agility, balance, strength, and dexterity. Being physically active also improves one’s mood. Through repetition people and children gain trust in themselves and their surroundings. Being part of a team teaches them how to communicate with the rest of world, expanding their own. It helps them socialize not only in a place where they practice the sport of their choosing, but also it opens doors to social events such as birthday parties of their teammates, sleepovers, and other activities. Playing sports can teach them how to find their place in the world, and that every person can find their purpose in every setting.

Their confidence will not only be boosted from family, but also from their peers and their role in the team. Learning how a game of sports functions will teach them how to deal with victory and defeat. It will show them how to work on social skills such as turn-taking, waiting, cooperation and tolerating losing. Having a hobby will not only color their world more, but it will also help them in making new friends outside the game. It can be a window for other peers to easily connect with your child through a common denominator.

post1bSpecial Sport Leagues

There are a lot of sports leagues created by parents of special needs kids and programs available through cities and county recreation departments. Many private schools for kids with special needs have sports teams that emphasize inclusiveness. Your child can benefit from the exercise, energy release, and pure enjoyment of playing sports. Children in a wheelchair are able to play tennis or basketball. Children who don’t have limbs can have benefit from horse riding for example. Activities that are especially good are handball, football, soccer, boccia, weightlifting, gymnastics, swimming and bicycling.

Every sport can be modified for these children. With the help of the community, special needs children can, and should, play and benefit from the physical activity just like all the other people. Playing sports is about overcoming differences and getting together to share love, sportsmanship, positive sports spirit, and friendship. It helps us learn we are all in our hearts, the same.